About Me

I'm am Backend Developer / Automation Engineer living in Kiel, Germany. Currently I'm finishing my B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics.


My interests are Computer Science, performance, algorithms and complexity. I have a strong preference for coding in Python or C and am mainly interested in low-level development and prototyping. I love clean, well structured and simple code and enjoy the aesthetics of such solutions for complex problems. I try to work very low level, preferably shifting individual bits around, while minimizing dependencies.

When I am not coding I am either spending time with my dog or I am looking for good deals on (vintage) audio gear. I also happen to collect niche perfumes.


Currently I am working at Raytheon Anschütz GmbH. There, I support the QM team by writing system tests for embedded naval navigation systems.

In my spare time I support the local startup Smartphoniker. I wrote their online price calculator and build their merchandise management system. The latter is responsible for the administration of 7 distributed shops and stock/ customer management.


I am constantly learning and therefore maintain an ever growing list of projects. All my work is open source and freely available on GitHub. Below I listed some of the cooler projects of mine.

  • PyAis: AIS message decoding in Python (AIVDM/AIVDO).
  • Shelly: A simple shell written in C. Supports Chains, Pipes and Redirects.
  • PricePicker: A landing page / price overview for repairshops.
  • Web-Chess: A chess game based on Spring using Websockets.
  • Chess: A chess model written in Python based on bitboards.