About Me

I’m a Kiel-based software developer with a strong focus on backend development and automation. I enjoy solving new problems and learning about technology. That’s why I prefer to work on the product as a whole, from design, UI/UX, code, architecture, to customer support. Besides writing code I also read a lot about code and (computer) science. Reach out to me for some recommendations.

In my spare time I drive fast cars, am involved in politics and listen to podcasts passionately. Besides that I am very positive person that enjoys having a good laugh.

Interests and Philosophy

Professionally my interests are performance, scalability and automation. I love efficiency and am always looking for creative ways to automate manual tasks. At the same time I pay great attention to clean, well structured code and enjoy the aesthetics of such solutions for complex problems. It fills me with joy to finally - after a lot of headbanging - find a simple solution to a supposedly complex problem. I am also a strong advocate of automatic tests (that’s why I work as a test engineer at Raytheon). I am flexible on how you test, but testing must be an integral part of every application. This is the only way to create a secure, stable, dynamic and expandable system.

I also believe that almost nothing is beyond your reach once you master the basics. As cool and tempting as new technologies are, if you're stuck, it's probably due to a lack of foundation. This attitude has led me to understand the most important protocols and standards - at least those I work with every day.

Although I already got work done in many different languages (C, Java, Javascript, Autohotkey, C++, Go), I still have a strong preference for programming in Python. That language really got a special place in my heart.

Finally, I would like to point out and raise awareness that technology always has a social component. I am therefore actively committed to ensuring that we create a better world through technology. A world without hate, racism and sexism, but with openness, understanding, equity and ultimately love.


Currently I am working at Raytheon Anschütz GmbH. My job is to support the QM team by writing system tests for embedded naval navigation systems.
In my spare time I support the local startup Smartphoniker. Together we try to offer repairs for the masses and do our part for a more sustainable future. Here I solved my first small programming tasks. Over the time we developed a lot of different tools, websites and services. Most of our projects are open source. See the list below for some highlights. Due to the fact that I am the only developer there, I could gain experience in the whole technology stack.



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